Tree Services

Fully Qualified & Competent Tree Surgeon

Looking for a reliable Tree Surgeon with extensive experience. At Greenland’s Tree Care Ltd, we stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs. If you’re looking for professional Tree Felling services, please get in touch for your consultation.

  • All our staff are fully trained and qualified with the necessary knowledge and technical ability to ensure a safe and competent job is undertaken.
  • We use the latest equipment and practices to ensure maximum professionalism.
  • We are Council approved contractors with ongoing contract work for extremely satisfied council officers.
  • All Tree practice is carried out to BS 3998 and tree pruning standards adhere to the AFAG guide.
  • Public & Employers liability insurance with a minimum of £10 million cover.
  • All staff have received first aid training and safety procedures
  • A full risk assessment is done for each job to highlight potential hazards to both staff and customer

Tree Felling and Clearance Services

Felling Trees
Section felling trees within confined spaces
Felling and Site Clearance
Clear felling / site clearance in conjunction with utility/ councils
Mitigating Damage Risks
Climbing in confined space to minimise damage to surrounding trees and property
Ash dieback dismantle of large ash
The Ash dieback is a fungus which is capable of killing up to 80% of all ash trees across the UK which threatens many species which rely on the ash. Manging the diseases is expected to cost British society nearly £15 billion to prevent the spread of this fungus which appears as white spores in the summer months resulting in dead and dying trees. These trees require clearing up.
Ash Tree Crown Clean
A clear calm perfect day for ash tree crown clean/ deadwood to make the canopy safe and reduce sail in high winds.
Large Hedge Reduction
Large hedge reduction for a large superstore , assisted with an elevated platform for safe accurate work positioning
Lola our forest manager
Bird's Eye View!
Benny the jets Birds Eye view as an arborist. Up in the canopy !
Local Authority Work
Removal of storm damage / wind blown trees
Site Clearance
Tractor / timber trailer / site clearance / moving timber contracting
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Tracked elevated platform to assist with the safe take down of a very large diseased beech tree in Clitheroe.

Tractor / timber trailer / site clearance / moving timber contracting

Greenland Tree Care Services: tracked elevated platform